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With over 20 years of experience in the industry and protecting the critical assets of customers in 50+ countries, Hitachi Systems Security is a Global Information Security & Data Privacy Solutions Provider. A key strength of our company is that we build and deliver customized Managed Security Services (24/7 monitoring) and Professional Services to meet the security and privacy challenges of any business.
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Make the internet A Safer Place

Hitachi Systems Security was founded with one simple mission in mind – to make the internet a safer place for all. Now, our team of security and privacy experts empowers our customers to secure their critical data and strengthen their cybersecurity and data privacy posture against security and data breaches, data leaks, and intrusions.
Hitachi systems security who we are

Who We Are

We are passionate about delivering converged cybersecurity and privacy services to address the business challenges of today and tomorrow, in order to propel your business to the next level all while securing your IT, OT, and IoT environments.

What We Offer

24/7 Managed Security Services

From our 4 global Security Operations Centers (SOCs), we provide 24/7 managed security services to monitor your environment, detect and mitigate threats, respond to incidents and help you meet stringent compliance requirements.
About Managed Security Services
hitachi systems security what we offer
Hitachi systems security what we offer

What We Offer

24/7 Professional Security Services

We complement our managed security service offering with a variety of professional security solutions to assess your overall cybersecurity posture, align your security strategy with your business goals and provide strategic recommendations to strengthen your defenses and maximize your ROI.
About Professional Security Services

Our Leadership

Anthony C. Subero

Director, Chief Executive Officer

Shin Sugita

Director, Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Compliance officer

Patrik Heuri

General Manager, Hitachi Systems Security Europe

Aruya Sugiyama

Director, Chief Strategy Officer

David A. Green

Vice-President Sales, North America

Stephen Juteram

Vice-President Sales, Caribbean

Yannick Berneron

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and CISO

Masashi Omori

Vice President, Managed Security Services

Yuji Motokawa

Interim Chief Technological Officer

Board of Directors

Shinta Suzuki

Executive Officer at Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Akira Kusakabe

Director, Executive Chairman

Anthony C. Subero

Director, Chief Executive Officer

Shin Sugita

Board Director and Chief Financial Officer,
Chief Compliance officer

Robert Lawrie

Board Director at Hitachi Systems Security Inc., (independent )

Discover Exciting Career Opportunities in The Growing Cybersecurity Industry.

As one of the world’s leading IT security service providers, the success of Hitachi Systems Security hinges, to a very large extent, on the quality and dedication of our employees. We are committed to maintaining a stimulating workplace where all employees develop their talents and skills to help protect our customer’s data assets. We offer cutting-edge technology, friendly and dynamic work environments, state-of-the-art IT equipment, flexible schedules, group insurance plans and a sense of belonging to a global, brand-name organization.
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Our team of security, compliance and privacy experts can act 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping you make impactful decisions for your business context. Our integrated cybersecurity and privacy services are designed to secure your business, align with your overall objectives and demonstrate ROI at the same time.