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Prioritizing Customer-Centric Cybersecurity Solutions for Africa

At Hitachi, we prioritize customer-centric cybersecurity solutions, focusing on user training, education, and building trust. We are expanding our training center and entering new markets, including Africa and India, to provide innovative cybersecurity services. Our goal is to promote economic growth in Africa through resilient cybersecurity measures. The Transform Africa Summit provides an ideal platform for collaboration and meaningful discussions in the industry.

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We Provide Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions for Africa's Digital Transformation

At Hitachi Systems Security, we are committed to helping organizations manage their cybersecurity risks, particularly in Africa where we support the digital transformation. We provide a range of services including Security Consulting, Managed Security Services, and Security Training and Awareness to help address some of the region's biggest cybersecurity challenges. We understand that a lack of skilled professionals, awareness and education, and insufficient investment in cybersecurity infrastructure are some of the key issues that need to be addressed. That's why we supported the development of the first African Cyber Security Innovation Center (ACSIC) in Cote d'Ivoire, which is aimed at developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals in Africa and fostering collaboration between businesses, governments, and other regional organizations. Recently, we provided training to 100 auditors in Africa, aiming to improve cybersecurity awareness and education across the region. Going forward, we plan to continue providing innovative cybersecurity solutions and services to businesses, governments, and other organizations in Africa to support their digital transformation efforts.

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Expanding Cybersecurity Services to Guyana, French-Speaking Caribbean Territories, and Suriname: Promoting Cyber Resilience Investments

Hitachi Systems Security plans to expand its cybersecurity services to Guyana, French-speaking Caribbean territories, and Suriname to promote investments in cyber resilience for the government and local businesses. With Guyana undergoing a massive digital transformation, the company sees the need to focus on security solutions and services. According to CEO Anthony Subero, the company emphasizes security by design as a key component, rather than being responsive after a crisis. Hitachi Systems Security's mission is to provide cybersecurity expertise that can help build cyber resilience for businesses and government while leveraging investments in technology.

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