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Threat Intelligence Service (Dark Web Monitoring)

Hitachi’s Threat Intelligence Service goes beyond common network threats to traverse the dark web for looming threats, information about breaches, and details that your organization needs to know before becoming a target.

Our team can hunt and find leaked data, identify security gaps, and warn your organization of potential threats before they happen.

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Is Your Organization Exposed on the Darknet?

Our Threat Intelligence for the DarkWeb professional services can quickly find leaked data from your organization, identify security gaps and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

Continuous Threat Detection

Dark web threat detection is tedious and often requires many hours of work to produce very few results. We take a more efficient approach to threat intelligence by continuously crawling the darknet for potential threats.

Our threat detection tactics include millions of extracted pages 24/7 allowing our team to swiftly identify any possible threats.

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Gone But Not Forever

Information compromised on the darknet is quickly deleted to avoid detection. But those tactics don’t work with our threat intelligence services. We will provide you with deleted data from the darknet 60-days and up to a year post-deletion.

Our ability to find deleted data means that you can determine what data was compromised, how it was compromised, and any other details needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

With our darknet monitoring service, data might be gone from the dark web but never forever.
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Why Dark Web Detection Matters

The world’s most prominent organizations have been compromised in seconds due to darknet attacks.

Sensitive data from your organization may exist right now on the dark web. The question is whether or not you know about it. Does your data exist on the dark web?
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Is Your Data On the Dark Web?

Most organizations do not think about dark web leaks until it's too late. Contact us to find out if your company is at risk of a dark net attack.

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Caribbean DarkNet report

Download the Caribbean DarkNet report and get in touch with us to schedule a report for your vertical!

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Custom Darknet Report

Get in touch with an expert to schedule a custom report .
- Find out if there is chatter about your brand or industry on the Darknet

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