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Penetration services proven to expose and eliminate threats

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing or pen testing is designed to test a system, network, or web application to find gaps or vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited by an attacker or hacker. Penetration tests are critical to gaining a clear understanding of an organization’s gaps in security, the impact if those gaps are exploited in an attack, and a clear prioritized risk-based plan to address the vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

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Penetration Testing

Pen testing can be applied to products, environments, applications – any attack surface that is targeted by potential attackers in the wild can be tested. The approach used and attack scenarios are flexible and can mimic opportunistic attackers, advanced persistent threats or motivated attackers. Every testing engagement is customized to meet the needs of our customer’s unique requirements.

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Where posture is critical

Uncover vulnerabilities, security flaws and potential threats


Analyze and determine attack surfaces and scenarios


Prioritized recommendations and corrective actions

The Benefits of Hitachi Systems Security Penetration Testing Service

Penetration tests provide a baseline assessment of potential threats to begin to reduce the overall risk in your environment in a structured, efficient way. Fundamentally, a pen test provides a list of vulnerabilities, a list of assets associated with the vulnerabilities, and most importantly the risk associated with the specific vulnerability.

The consistent and periodic service delivers:

A list of vulnerabilities and security flaws uncovered by a skilled ethical hacker

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A list of assets or systems associated with the vulnerabilities

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A plan to manage or eliminate the risk

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Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Assessments

To improve your security posture, should you start with a penetration test, a vulnerability assessment or schedule both?

The answer is both should be part of a threat and vulnerability management program because they have unique benefits. However, penetration tests simulate the actions of an attacker while vulnerability assessments catalog assets, assign a value to those assets, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize remediating or addressing those vulnerabilities.

It makes sense to lay the groundwork to improve a security program with a vulnerability assessment and then test the newly fortified defense with a penetration test to ultimately create an ongoing process that incorporates both services.

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Learning More About Hitachi Systems Security Penetration Testing

Attacks and certainly attackers are evolving, and organizations struggle to simulate the latest tactics and threats. Third parties who conduct penetration tests frequently and across industries offer resources as well as knowledge and experience that may be difficult to duplicate in-house.

Hitachi Systems Security has customized solutions and a variety of intrusion methods including social engineering to provide your organization a comprehensive penetration testing service that is specifically geared to your organization’s needs and cost structure.

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