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Eurocontrol hit by a cyberattack

Eurocontrol hit by a cyberattack Russia’s KillNet group claimed to be behind the last weekend a DdoS attack targeting Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control organization. Its website has suffered interruption, but the cyberattack did not disrupt any flight operation. Eurocontrol is a European organization based in Bruxelles, sharing information between military and commercial entities […]
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CISA and CISCO warn on routers aimed by Russian APT

CISA and CISCO warn on routers aimed by Russian APT On Tuesday April 18th, the cybersecurity security agency (CISA) posted a joint advisory with CISCO on threat to routers targeted by Russian intelligence cyberattackers, better known as APT28, or Fancy Bear. The router maker, CISCO, says that the threat actor exploited well-known vulnerabilities through malware, […]
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U.S. and International Partners Publish Secure-by-Design and -Default Principles and Approaches 

A new commercial spywares makes the headlines after being exposed for criminal use. Data protection stays a concerning issue for Chat GPT’s users, especially when it comes to industrial secrets. Interpol focused on Africa’s cybersecurity with an update on U.S. and International Partners Publish Secure-by-Design and -Default Principles and Approaches   CISA released this week a […]
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Global Operation “Cookie Monster” leads to massive arrest globally after Genesis Market takedown

On Tuesday April 4th 2023, the FBI seized infamous Genesis Market cybercrime platform, one of the most important illicit marketplaces on the dark web. Genesis was reputed for the sale of browser fingerprints stolen from infected computers with malicious software, containing credentials and other data that allow bypassing protection solutions like multi-factor authentication or impersonating […]
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