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Security Architecture Maturity Assessmsent

What is a cyber-security maturity assessment?

Your information security architecture is like a shield that protects your organization and your employees. There are 4 things you should know about your information security architecture.

How is Mobility Affecting Architecture?
Are the Right People Accessing the Right Information?
Are Employees Across Business Units Educated on Cybersecurity Practices?
How Do the Third Parties You Work with Affect Your Security?
Hitachi systems security architechture maturity assessment

What is Cyber-Security Architecture Maturity Assessment ?

Cybersecurity controls are safeguards or countermeasures to deter, detect, counteract, or minimize security risks to a company’s assets such as technical infrastructure, information, classified document, or other assets.

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Security Controls

Most organization have implemented their security controls to mitigate the security risks found on their cybersecurity risk assessment evaluation. However, have the organizations evaluated the effectiveness of the controls they have implemented? Have security controls mitigated the organization's cybersecurity risks found?

Cybersecurity Architecture Maturity Assessment Service

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Architecture Maturity Assessment Service is to work side-by-side with your Cybersecurity Department to review existing cybersecurity controls. It aims to analyze the effectiveness of these controls and discuss strategies to improve and reformulate the security controls strategy to protect your data better. Our Security Architect team will examine each control individually and the complete set of controls you have implemented to generate a security control maturity evaluation for the organization.

Cybersecurity Maturity Controls Analysis Framework

Our comprehensive Cybersecurity Maturity Controls Analysis Framework, created by our Security Architecture Team, is based on a myriad of industry-recognized security standards. (i.e.: NIST, CSC CIS, ISO 27002) providing a holistic view of your current control security posture.

Hitachi Systems Security

At Hitachi Systems Security, we know that new attack vectors are surfacing daily. We want to help you proactively evaluate your security controls architecture to make sure that you are protecting your more precious assets in the best way.


In addition, we want to provide you a complete view on your security controls strengths and weaknesses to make sure you know where you are and how to create to build the best path to improve your security posture.

concise evaluation

You will get a concise evaluation of the effectiveness of each security control you have implemented.

best practices

We will discuss best practices on how to improve your security controls and security posture.

security controls mitigate

You will get a better understanding of how security controls mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Reporting Features

We will provide you a graphical representation of the efficacy of each security controls per incident response, scoping, policies, monitoring, and process categories.

graphical representation

We will offer an improvement plan on how to increase the effectiveness of the security control compared with your current baseline.

detailed report

You will get a detailed report on the security controls existing in your cybersecurity landscape.