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Strategic Partnership between Hitachi Security Systems and YULCOM to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Hitachi Security Systems and YULCOM announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions in Quebec and internationally. By combining their respective expertise, the two companies will provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to assist businesses in securing their digital transformation while maximizing growth and efficiency.
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Hitachi Security Systems Joins Smart Africa as Silver Partner to Strengthen Cybersecurity Efforts

Hitachi Security Systems, a leading cybersecurity services provider, has joined Smart Africa, an alliance driving Africa's digital agenda.
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Hitachi Systems Security Launches Two New Managed Web Security Services for Enhanced Web Server Protection

Hitachi Systems Security Inc. has launched two new Managed Web Security Services, Web Vulnerability Monitoring and Web Compromise Monitoring, to strengthen enterprise web server security.
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Hitachi Systems Security Empowers Smart Africa's Cybersecurity Innovation Center with 30 High-Tech Laptops for Optimal Training in Abidjan!

Hitachi Systems Trusted Cyber Management Inc. (Hitachi Systems TCM) has provided 30 high-tech laptops for the inauguration of Smart Africa's cybersecurity innovation center. The center, which aligns with Smart Africa's vision to transform the continent into a digital marketplace by 2030, will develop skills required to protect Africa's cyberspace against cyber threats. Hitachi Systems TCM […]
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Hitachi Systems Security Responds to Recent Cybersecurity Breach of Hitachi Energy

Blainville, Quebec --- March 20th, 2023 --- Hitachi Systems Security, a leading provider of information security and compliance services, has released a statement addressing the recent cybersecurity breach involving Hitachi Energy. On March 16th, the threat actor group Clop^ claimed to have successfully breached Hitachi Energy, along with 52 other companies. The breach occurred in […]
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