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Common Types of CyberAttacks

Malware Attack

The infiltration of malicious software on networks and computers with an intent to steal private data and information. Keyloggers, Ransomware, and Spyware are three of the most infamous types of Malware attacks.

DDoS Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service Attack is done to paralyze a website by flooding a network or system with an influx of activities including, but not limited to: requests, visits, and messages; from a group of internet-connected devices.

Phishing Attack

Also known as spoofing, this type of cyberattack involves hackers baiting site visitors into performing a specific action through what are seemingly innocent and genuine messages, CTAs, links, or downloadable files.

The Impact of Cyberattacks on Your Business

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Malware Attack

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Brand Damage

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Operations Disruption

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Public Relations Crisis

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Legal Consequences

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Trade Name Devaluation

Introducing GRED Web Check:
Cloud-Based Website Scanner and Early Warning System

Timing is crucial in every business decision. This rings true even in the context of cybersecurity. How soon you take action against threats can be the very line that will separate your success or failure.

As digital advancements and innovations continue to move at an alarming speed, so does hacker technology. With our GRED Web Check website scanner and anti-phishing software, you can conduct web malware scans and check your site for signs of injection, defacements, and search engine blacklisting.

Key Benefits

Instant Email Alert Notifications
24/7 Website Monitoring
User-Friendly Web Portal
Cloud-based SaaS
No Software Installation Required
Quick and Easy Deployment

Early Warning System

GRED Web Check is a website scanner and early warning system that runs security checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that it continuously monitors your website against web attacks such as malware injections, and notifies your assigned administrator through email alerts as soon as threats are detected.

Details on the cyberattack will be outlined via the web portal that is easy to use and completely cloud-based.

Website portal

This website scan and anti-phishing software is a SaaS that requires no software installation. All you need to do is to register your website’s URL to kickstart the software and start the vulnerability scan online. Once a threat such as malware injection has been detected, the site administrator will be notified via an email alert.

The Web Portal’s Inspection System will then collect data in order to provide all the information necessary in order for you to identify the best course of action to take against the attack.

This is our unique 5-step methodology which helps companies become resilient

Once you register your website’s URL through the website malware scan system, the tool will conduct a three-tier deep analysis which entails the following:

Download System

Navigating through your website to download content, crawl hyperlinks, and retrieve all the pages that make it.

Inspection System

Once the Download System has successfully indexed all content, static analysis will begin to detect threats such as malware injection.

Web Portal and Action System

If threat is detected, an alert will automatically be sent to the site administrator via email notification. Details of the attack can be viewed on the web portal while pre-specified settings can also be put in place to trigger a redirect features that will lead customers to a safe page in the event that they land on an infected website.

GRED Web CheckWebsite Scanner: New Features

  • Website Structure View

    Provides a visual display of your site’s link structure in a tree format based on the content crawled by the Download System. Getting a full view of your website will make it easier to identify key locations of any threats such as malware injection detected during the inspection and determine the extent of its influence for a more comprehensive restorative action plan.
  • Broken Link Detection

    This new feature on our website scanner is designed to detect pages with broken links and present them in list format. Any page of the site that renders a 404 HTTP status code will be tagged as a broken link on the latest analysis result. Link health is a known ranking factor, so this could be a helpful feature for optimization purposes as well.
  • Non-Linked URL Registration

    Up to 20 non-linked URLs can be registered on GRED Web Check’s website scanner. This will enable non-linked URLS to be analyzed from the management screen of the website portal. Note that non-linked URLs are required to be registered one by one as they are not tracked automatically due to its link structure.
  • Port Scan Diagnosis

    The Port Scan Diagnosis is responsible for checking if a target port is open or not. If a product whose vulnerability information is provided to an open port, the reference information will be displayed on the website portal such as the specific website URL.
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