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Digital Forensic and Incidence Response

Stopping network attacks is important but understanding the who, what, why, and how of an attack is the only way to prevent the same attack from happening in the future. Hitachi’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) service dissect attacks from the inside out, preventing future attacks.

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Hitachi’s Incident Response Service Key Features

  • Source Identification: where did the breach come from, and what were its contributing factors?

  • Attack Plan: attack containment, incident reduction, and residual effects

  • Incident Source Detection: identifying where the incident occurred, removal of the incident, and activity blockage

  • Implementation of recovery practices and supporting actions

  • Analysis: a review of activities and follow-up investigation and post-investigation actions.

  • Identification of the breach source within the environment and the contributing factors
  • Identification of the breach source within the environment and the contributing factors
  • Containment of the attack, and reduction of the incident scope and residual effects
  • Localization of the incident source, and attempt for its removal and activity blockage
  • Analysis of the security incident to discover the reach and validate the underlying cause
  • Implementation of recovery practices and long-term supporting actions
  • Review of activities and follow-up regarding the investigation and post-investigation actions
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DFIR Core Package Components

Our DFIR package begins with an initial conversation to discuss the event and learn what resources are needed to find the best possible resolution. Following this discussion, your customized plan will be put into action, including defining, containing, and responding to activities associated with the incident.

Hitachi’s thorough DFIR approach includes the following:

End-point scanning: using up to 30 different anti-virus tools, we can detect the malware used in any attack and gaps in Mac, Windows, Linux, and other systems.

  • Network traffic investigation: using rapid log analysis, we can determine signs of malicious activity to identify how the threat accessed the environment and if any exposed services remain. We will also scan the existing infrastructure using specific indicators and alert your organization of any security gaps found. Our team will then provide you with ongoing advice and consulting to prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.

  • Forensics investigation: was any confidential or proprietary information accessed or exfiltrated? How was the environment attacked? Our team will also provide guidance, recommendations, and a complete analysis-based consultation will also be provided.

  • Digital Evidence: our team will collect and preserve any digital evidence while also analyzing hard disk drives and other criteria related to the incident.

  • Log collection details: we will review the timeline and incident overview, firewall/VPN logs and configurations, and any other records discussed will be reviewed.
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    Knowledge Is Security Power

    The more you know about an attack, the better equipped your organization will be to secure the attack source and prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

    Digital forensics provides a deep dive into the heart of an attack giving you a comprehensive analysis only ascertained after drilling-down into every single last detail of an attack.

    But our team goes one step further: we equip you with the professional guidance and council needed to secure your network following the aftermath of an attack.

    That’s the Hitachi Security Systems difference.

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