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Hitachi Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance

What are Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures?

Cybersecurity policies and procedures are the specific objectives and guidelines a company follows to ensure its data protection practices comply with applicable regulations and are in line with the organization’s objectives and goals. These documents are the foundation on which cybersecurity practices are built, including risk management and incident response. They ensure compliance with cybersecurity frameworks, such as ISO 27002, NIST 800-53, the Secure Controls Framework (SCF), and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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What are Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures?

Policies and procedures detail the overall direction, applicable requirements, specific standards, procedure methods, and safeguards a company will utilize. Without proper policies and procedures, your cybersecurity program will lack clear guidance for data protection and incident response. Hitachi Systems Security creates customized solutions that are unique to your company's regulatory and contractual needs. We help ensure optimal compliance with your cybersecurity framework to minimize risk and provide clear guidelines for assessing the cybersecurity posture within your company.

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Identify the cybersecurity framework that fits the needs of your organization

Assess the specific regulations and requirements for framework compliance

Provide clear guidelines and documentation for employees to ensure consistent regulatory compliance

Develop formal policies and procedures based on the organizations requirements

Cybersecurity governance and guidance

The Benefits of Hitachi Systems Security Policies and Procedures

Our cybersecurity policy services are based on the individual needs of your organization. We consider your cybersecurity framework, regulatory and contractual obligations. A dedicated team develops a comprehensive plan that incorporates guidelines for roles and responsibilities within your organization, as well as expectations and specific cybersecurity practices to maximize data protection.

Our effective cybersecurity policies and procedures deliver:

Privacy standards for new threats and cybersecurity requirements

Cybersecurity framework compliance guidelines customized for your specific needs

Clear documentation in a format your employees will understand and be able to implement within your environment

Plans for best practices, data breach response, disaster recovery, remote access, and more

A foundation for cybersecurity governance

Cybersecurity Policies vs Procedures

Policies and procedures are both essential for your organization's cybersecurity program. Policies are the overall, strategic intentions and goals of your security efforts. They provide direction and clarity for your cybersecurity objectives. They answer the question, "What are we doing?" Procedures, on the other hand, are the specific, repeatable methods in which tasks are performed. They answer the question, "How will we do this?"

Together, policies and procedures provide a clear path toward cybersecurity framework compliance. They detail the goals of the organization's efforts and the specific methods in which specific security processes will be implemented.

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Learning More About Hitachi Systems Security Policies and Procedures

Periodic vulnerability assessments will complement a strong set of policies and procedures. As cybersecurity threats and requirements evolve, procedures also need to adapt. If your current cybersecurity policies don’t address the current threat landscape and your IT environment has changed, it is likely time for a vulnerability assessment and a set of updated policies and procedures.

Hitachi Systems Security designs comprehensive policies and procedures to meet the current cybersecurity and organizational demands across industries. We provide customized solutions that minimize risk and bolster your security posture.

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