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Risk Management

The Risk/Governance Management module is a cybersecurity analytic tool designed to provide you a complete security overview. Accessible around-the-clock through our ArkAngel platform, you can easily video asset properties and vulnerabilities in real-time.

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Hitachi systems security risk management

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your organization’s security is up-to-date, relevant, and secure while remaining one step ahead of potential risks.

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Hitachi systems

The Three Biggest Risk Management Issues

Reputation damage: attacks can destroy your organization’s reputation in seconds due to an inadequate risk management program.

Inability to detect risks: most organizations do not have a clearly defined risk management strategy leaving entire networks vulnerable to attacks.

Uncertainty: many organizations do not have the proper resources to assess risks, are unsure how to begin risk assessments, and do not know how to monitor networks properly.

Hitachi’s Risk Management module will allow your team to:

Identify risks
Analyze risks
Evaluate the intensity of a risk
Alter and adapt to risks
Ensure a systematic review of risks
It’s not enough to periodically check on potential risks. Our continuous monitoring of your network never stops. The result is a network that not only identifies risks but foresees potential risks and adapts to all threats instantly.


What You Get

24/7 Threat Monitoring & Protection

Continuous monitoring of your environment • Real-time analysis and event correlation • Incident response management • 2-hour log review guarantee • 15-minute escalation of discovered threat activity • Customizable escalation process • Analysts in 4 global SOCs.

Security Posture Overview and Reporting

360-degree view of your cybersecurity maturity • Monthly executive reporting with concrete recommendations • Cybersecurity analytics tool for tracking and measurable ROI • Strategic risk management guidance • Improved alignment of security strategy and business goalsand operations run smoothly.

Integration with Existing Technology

Easy integration with your existing security devices and SIEM tools (ArcSight, Splunk, LogRhythm, QRadar, AlienVault, etc.) • Integration with third-party security devices (Tripwire, Rapid7, anti-DDoS, IBM AS/400 iSeries, Linux/Unix, Windows OS, etc.) • Cloud security monitoring of Office 365 logs.

Analysis of Large Data Volumes

Automated log and security event correlation • Consolidated security management from one unified security portal • Customized correlation rules to filter noise and minimize false positives • Fine-tuned setting for optimized analysis • 2-hour log review guarantee.

Easy and Fast Deployment

Streamlined sensor deployment process • Optimal service efficiency within about 3 months • Smooth configuration and process efficiencies • No more lengthy configuration and fine-tuning of your SIEM (which can take up to a year in most cases).

Dedicated Team of Security Experts

Extend your in-house IT team with certified security experts • Benefit from global security expertise & threat intelligence • Get assistance and actionable recommendations from a dedicated Information Security Specialist assigned to your organization.

Save on Cost & Time

No need to buy expensive technology • No need to hire your own security staff • No time wasted reviewing your logs • Optimize your time to focus on your priorities while we take care of your security needs.

Compliance Requirements

24/7 log monitoring for PCI DSS compliance • Self-serve vulnerability scanning • Improved alignment with security control frameworks (CIS 20 CSC, NIST, ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA.

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