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How safe is your business?

What information of yours is public? What about your firm? Your employees? Your vendors? Is your company compliant with industry standards? What are your hidden and open online weaknesses?

We empower your organization with the right cyber intelligence to keep your people, information and technology safe.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Ransomware can cause you significant disruption and financial loss.

Without effective prevention measures in place, your organization may be vulnerable to ransomware attacks, which can result in data loss, downtime, and lost productivity.

Paying the ransom may not guarantee the return of the encrypted data, and encourages future ransomware attacks.

By implementing robust ransomware prevention measures, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this type of attack and protect your valuable data and assets.

Number of Global Data Breaches in Millions (USD)

Number of Malware Attacks in Billions

Number of Ransomware Attacks in Millions

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Software Intelligence
Scrape Public Data • Dark Web Monitoring • Data Leakage Detection • Credential Intelligence
Human Intelligence
Investigating • Proposing Targeted Solutions
You receive a holistic report
combined from 3 independent sources
Our experts analyze,
report and recommend actions

Our Promise

Better Knowledge. Better Protection. Better Readiness.


Detect, prioritize and remediate data leaks and reduce data exposure.


Make better informed decisions about your current situation and avoid future attempts.


Get ahead of the attacker’s next move and minimize the risk of an attack.

Powerful reporting. Targeted solutions.

You can now:

  • Bring the unknown into the open and enable your security teams to make better decisions
  • Empower business stakeholders,to invest wisely, mitigate risk, become more efficient and make faster decisions
  • Empower cybersecurity stakeholders  by discovering threats, motives and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Help your cybersecurity team better understand your opponent’s malicious tactics

Your Scorecard©  to Success

Your score is based on several criteria and evolves over time.

Data Leaks
Your score includes all type of leaked credentials or stolen data via malwares (Stealer Logs)

It is based on your leaks and how old they are – the more recent, the more dangerous.
Critical Vulnerable Assets
Your public IPs maintenance is a key element to determine your risk level. Your vulnerabilities are often exploited for malicious intent.
Industry Trends
Your macroenvironmental landscape determines your level of risk in your industry, and your region. We update it regularly according to new trends.
Cyber Criminality Relationship
The relationship level between your company and the cybercrimnality.

from CTI


Strategic decision makers:
CISOs - Executive boards - CIOs and CTOs
  • Achieve your cybersecurity standing
  • Get a holistic view on the entire puzzle
  • Collect predictions depending on your specific sector in real time
  • Receive advice on how to properly mediate threat​


IT manager – Architects
  • Assist executives in making the right decisions
  • Obtain a compromise assessment
  • Prevent threats & their consequences 


SOC analysts, engineers
  • Exploit technical data, threat hunting, forensics
  • Understand your open ports & blind spots that threat actors leverage

Here is what your leaks might look like…

Private data files sold on forums (8 USD in this example).
Stealer logs are setting up larger nets for data theft.
There are hundreds of victims in every stolen data packet.

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Your organization needs cyber threat intelligence services to proactively identify, assess and respond to potential cyber threats and attacks, allowing them to minimize damage and reduce their risk of breach.

By using our Cyber Threat Intelligence service, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the evolving threat landscape, enabling you to make informed security decisions, improve your overall security posture, and stay ahead of potential attacks.

Our experts analyze, report and recommend actions with their interdisciplinary expertise.
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