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Fully Automated Cloud-Based Vulnerability Assessment Tool

A set-and-forget website vulnerability scanner tool that runs security checks day in, day out, so you can focus on your business without worrying about cyberattacks.
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The Most Common Website Security Vulnerabilities

Broken Authentication
Sensitive Data Exposure
XML External Entities
Broken Access Control
Security Misconfiguration
Cross-site Scripting XSS
Insecure Deserialization
Using Components of Known Vulnerabilities
Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

The Challenges of Traditional Vulnerability Assessment Tools


Assessment of threats by traditional website vulnerability scanners is only conducted at the moment of actual execution. These systems are not engineered to protect against new website vulnerabilities.

Expensive and Time-Consuming

Traditional vulnerability assessment tools are manual and human-driven. It requires the constant involvement of a specialist to carry out which makes it a time-consuming and high-cost cybersecurity solution.

Introducing GRED Web Security Verification Cloud:Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Your website is an extension of your business, so you must take extra measures to keep it safe against malicious content, malware, and other looming cyber threats. The risk of compromising your company’s data and your customer’s privacy is a social responsibility you can manage with ease with SecureBrain‘s fully-automated vulnerability assessment tool.

GRED Web Security Verification Cloud Page is a vulnerability assessment tool that verifies and finds critical vulnerabilities regularly, so you are always on top of things when it comes to potential cyberattacks. Keep hackers away with a security countermeasure as solid and reliable as GRED Web Security.

Key Benefits

Daily website vulnerability verifications for redundant security solutions
User-friendly and easy-to-understand web portal
Regularly updated verification categories to address the latest attacks
Daily website vulnerability verifications for redundant security solutions
Fully-automated website vulnerability scanner
Immediately prompt cyber threat alerts via email notifications
Dynamic compatibility for website security on common CMS platforms like WordPress
Fast and easy cloud-based vulnerability scanner deployment

Web Portal Overview

It can be difficult to identify the right course of action when cyberattacks threaten your website if vulnerability assessment reports are too complex. With GRED Web Security Verification Cloud, data is presented on a dashboard that is easily understandable and readily available for PDF export. Risk levels are categorized and color-coded with dropdown details. Our web application vulnerability scanner also features historical data that can be viewed on an archive for convenient tracking.

Web Application Scanner Risk Levels


No vulnerability found.


Low risk vulnerability found. No immediate threat.


Medium risk vulnerability found. Can be of immediate threat when combined with another vulnerability.


High risk vulnerability found. Requires immediate action.

How GRED Web Security Verification Cloud Works

SecureBrain’s cloud-based vulnerability scanner provides cyber protection with minimal friction and human-dependency. Unlike traditional vulnerability assessment tools, onboarding with GRED Web Security is fast and simple. Because of its automated nature, the SaaS program safeguards your website through five straightforward steps.
  • Step 01

    Signing up for GRED Web Security Verification Cloud is simple. All that the program requires is registering your website on the platform.
  • Step 02
    Daily Website Scanning

    Once the website has been registered, the program would automatically scan website for vulnerabilities. The tool scans the site daily to ensure that the web application is protected at all times and all risks are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Step 03
    Email Alert

    If GRED Web Security Verification Cloud detects a threat in your website, it will send an email alert to the website owner or system administrator detailing the identified attack.
  • Step 04
    Web Portal Report

    In conjunction with the email, the web portal provides the necessary updates on the identified risk. The portal also logs possible solutions to the detected vulnerability.
  • Step 05
    Vulnerability Mitigation

    With all the threat details in tow as well as recommendations for mitigation, GRED Web Security Verification Cloud allows system administrators to act promptly on detected threats. This protects and minimizes the effects of an attack on the website.
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