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Cyber Security Compromise Assessments to Investigate Breaches

Compromise Assessments to Investigate Breaches and Uncover Solutions

Compromise assessments are high-level investigations where expert incident response and digital forensic investigators utilize advanced tools to uncover ongoing or past attacker activity. The goal is to identify existing weaknesses in controls and practices. Hitachi Systems Security comprehensive compromise assessment will address the questions, “has my organization been breached, and how was my organization breached?”

Some industries are required by regulatory standards to conduct compromise assessments, while the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends their use as best practice for all organizations.

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Compromise Assessments to Investigate Breaches and Uncover Solutions

Unfortunately, despite improvements in most organization’s security posture and technology breaches are occurring at record levels. In addition, dwell time or the amount of time between an attacker’s entry into the network and when they try to exfiltrate data is still increasing. Reducing dwell time is critical because there is a correlation between the length of dwell time and attack damage. Attacks like those geared to steal sensitive information are damaging and costly, however they can be exposed by a compromise assessment.

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Client Needs

Investigate potential breaches to limit damage

Uncover weaknesses or gaps in an organization’s security posture

Receive expert recommendations to eliminate gaps and sure up defenses

Audit proof for regulatory authorities and insurers

The Benefits of Hitachi Systems Security Compromise Assessments

A compromise assessment is often conducted on a periodic basis, either quarterly or monthly to prove a point in time analysis of whether or not a breach has occurred, and the steps needed to remediate any issues. Often a compromise assessment is conducted to meet regulatory requirements.

The compromise assessment service delivers

Organizations a comprehensive analysis of each security breach to help define a risk assessment profile

A report detailing which systems were compromised, which vectors of the attack were exploited

Recommendation concerning how the security of the organization can be reformulated to address gaps and weaknesses.

A gap analysis with prioritized, practical, cost-effective improvement plans

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Learning More About Compromise Assessments

The comprehensive and often overwhelming task of periodic compromise assessments is often more complicated and time-consuming for in-house teams to handle cost effectively. Having experts trained in incident response, incident investigation and digital forensic investigations provide support when organizations need answers and solutions urgently.

Hitachi Systems Security partners with organizations to provide the expertise to bring together the critical information, best practices, and recommendations to improve security controls. Reducing risk is critical in our current environment; assessing how to achieve that goal cost effectively is how we can help.

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