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Security service portfolio specifically created to augment an organization’s security resources cost effectively.

Scanning, code review and pen testing to support an organization’s vulnerability management program

Hitachi Systems Security’s core strength is supporting our customer's vulnerability management processes and tasks including scanning, code review, and management. Our team is uniquely trained to provide ongoing services to provide visibility and a strategic view of overall security defense.

Professional Services

Managed Security Service Portfolio Designed to Support Your Security Team

Comprehensive assessment and service recommendations

Customized service delivery from IT security experts

Extending your security team and resources with experts and leading-edge technology

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides organizations the ability to evaluate the security of IT infrastructure, networks and applications using a controlled environment to safely attack, identify, and exploit vulnerabilities. Hitachi Systems Security has customized solutions and a variety of intrusion methods including social engineering to provide your organization a comprehensive penetration testing service that is specifically geared to your organization’s needs.

IT/OT Vulnerability Assessments

The vulnerability scanning and assessments that are delivered by Hitachi Systems Security experts provide clear insight not only into immediate risks to systems and sensitive data but also serve as the foundation for security programs. The key to minimizing your attack surface and overall risk exposure requires a continuous, systematic approach that increases the visibility of vulnerabilities and enables rapid remediation that starts with a quality vulnerability assessment.

Application Assessment (Web/Mobile/Code Review)

Web application scanning is a part of an overall threat and vulnerability management process and has become a critical but complex task for IT security teams because of the growth of websites, cloud applications and other digital assets. Hitachi Systems Security delivers proven, automated web application scans and analysis that close the door on attacks by uncovering vulnerabilities in web applications.

Social Engineering and Security Awareness

The most straightforward and often the most effective way to combat the threat of social engineering by attackers in a business is employee security awareness. If employees are trained and aware of the various types of social engineering scams, they are far less susceptible to falling for them.

Cyber-security awareness training for your team will dramatically reduce your company's susceptibility to social engineering. By promoting a culture of awareness and training, the risks and consequences of these attacks are dramatically reduced.

Security Configuration Review

A configuration review audits and technically tests a system, server, or device to ensure it meets current security standards along with any applicable security policies. The system and configurations are reviewed against standards such as DISA STIGs, NIST, CIS checklists, vendor guides. Hitachi Systems Security experts will review the configuration of your systems to eliminate gaps that may expose your organization to attacks.

Security Architecture Review

Security architecture review is often required as organizations consistently add, change, or otherwise alter systems in the environment. Having seasoned experts that have had the experience of understanding change management principles, security architecture principles of various types of organizations allows Hitachi Systems Security to help with changes to your environment that minimizes security risks while maximizing productivity.

Compromise Assessment

Hitachi Systems Security’s compromise Assessment is designed to identify ongoing or past attacker activity in an organization’s environment. It leverages the team’s decades of experience in responding to intrusions by the most advanced attackers. We combine both expert analysis of historical forensic evidence and real-time threat detection, allowing the team to search for attacker activity on the endpoint and in the network.

Security Posture Assessment (posture or maturity assessment)

The comprehensive and often overwhelming task of evaluating an organization’s security posture is often more complicated and time-consuming for in-house teams to handle cost effectively. Having experts trained in evaluating asset value, control standards, resiliency, and current threats is critical to assess security readiness.

Hitachi Systems Security provides the expertise to bring together the critical information, best practices, and recommendations to improve security controls. Reducing risk is critical in your environment; assessing how to achieve that goal cost effectively is critical to your risk management objectives.

Hitachi Systems Security

Professional Services

At Hitachi Systems Security, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of advisory solutions designed to help your organization face the unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives. Whatever the issue, whether it be with compliance, privacy or cybersecurity, our certified and qualified consultants care about your business goals. For cybersecurity to be truly effective, it cannot be separated from your overall business objectives. We are passionate about developing a security strategy that will protect your business and help you achieve your goals at the same time.

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