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Information Technology and Operational Technology Risk Assessments

What is IT/OT Risk Management and Assessments?

Cyber risk management techniques help businesses to identify and address cyber risks, create baselines for acceptable risks, and plan for unexpected security threats by uncovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Thorough risk identification, risk assessment, risk analysis, and risk control also help to improve information technology and information security communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Cyber risk management starts with risk identification, analysis, and prioritization. It’s essential to identify risks early and to document and communicate all identified risks to relevant stakeholders. Information security posture assessments using one of the industry accepted control frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27001, or CSC 20 provides organizations a strategic view of their overall security health and resilience. The assessment provides a baseline from which to evaluate the effectiveness of current security processes and allows IT security teams to set objectives and priorities.

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Wha tis IT/OT Risk Management and Assessment?



Evaluate current state of IT security processes and resilience


Create target profile or posture maturity and set goals


Prioritize gaps between current state and desired posture maturity


Develop a risk-based strategy to address weaknesses and improve overall maturity cost effectively

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The Benefits of Hitachi Systems Security Risk Assessments

The vast majority of organizations struggle with the complexity and resources to conduct comprehensive security posture assessments. Hitachi Systems Security has developed tailored services to meet each organization’s scope and budget in order cost effectively reduce risk, improve security posture, and meet compliance requirements.

The consistent and periodic service delivers

Experts to provide an executive level overview and specific recommendations

A gap analysis with prioritized, practical, cost-effective improvement plans

“What if” scenario examples to assess point-in-time specific organizational risk

A detailed ROI evaluation on planned IT security investments

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Learning More About Security Risk Assessments

The comprehensive and often overwhelming task of evaluation an organization’s security posture and managing risk is often more complicated and time-consuming for in-house teams to handle cost effectively. Having experts trained in evaluating asset value, control standards, resiliency, and current threats is critical to assess security readiness.

Hitachi Systems Security partners with organizations to provide the expertise to bring together the critical information, best practices, and recommendations to improve security controls. Reducing risk is critical in our current environment; assessing how to achieve that goal cost effectively is the value our consultants bring to your organization.

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