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Hitachi Systems Security Social Engineering and Security Awareness

What Is Social Engineering and Security Awareness Training?

Social engineering is the act of using any method conceivable to convince an employee to give up passwords, computer access, or admittance to off-limits areas that a social engineer can use to steal sensitive data or access systems. Social engineers convince staff to give up sensitive information simply by acting like they belong.

Email social engineering or phishing costs the average U.S. organization more than $3.7 million annually. Legitimate-looking phishing emails secretly contain malware or links to fraudulent web pages which are sent to employees in hopes of being opened. Social engineering is responsible for 98% of attacks and over 70% of data breaches begin with phishing or social engineering. Social engineering and security awareness training empowers employees with the knowledge and tools they need to recognize phishing and other types of attacks, which helps groom more discerning, responsible employees who are better equipped to protect both themselves and their organization.

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Hitachi Systems Security Social Engineering and Security Awareness

At Hitachi Systems Security, we utilize a team of professionals and experts whose experience ensures optimal results from your training program. We create training that fits the needs of your unique organization and the threats that your employees may encounter. We consider your current level of risk, the most effective type of training and your current cybersecurity culture.

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Create a culture of cybersecurity awareness by providing ongoing training concerning social engineering tactics

Development of materials for policies, procedures, and training for employees to thwart attack attempts

Create training modules that engage employees while teaching them about real-life phishing and other attack tactics

The Benefits of Social Engineering and Security Awareness Training

Hitachi Systems Security develops robust cybersecurity training programs to fit the needs of your organization in an evolving cybercrime environment. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity education and awareness provides you proven education that drives behavior change and real security outcomes. With Hitachi Systems Security Awareness Training, you get tailored cybersecurity education that’s targeted to the vulnerabilities, roles, and competencies of your users. And it provides that education in digestible modules, so it creates sustainable habits.

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Our social engineering and security awareness training delivers:

Your organization’s baseline and risk in security awareness

Customized social engineering and security awareness training leveraging real-life attack tactics

Knowledge assessments and phishing simulation tests that are driven by our threat intelligence

Training documentation and tools for your employees at all levels of the enterprise

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Learning More About Hitachi Social Engineering and Security Awareness Training

Hitachi Systems Security will (1) Assess (2) Educate to Change User Behavior and (3) Evaluate the effectiveness of our security awareness training to help thwart phishing and other manipulative attacks. Our training program will provide employees with targeted cybersecurity education that can be tailored to their role, competency, cyber education level, learning style and language.

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