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Key Webinar Takeaways from our Live Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

The goal of our cybersecurity panel discussion was to bring together security executives from different industries and backgrounds to chat about common challenges for IT professionals. And because speaking the same language as decisionmakers is essential, our executives shared great tips for building a solid cybersecurity pitch to the Board of Directors and the executive management team.

We talked about how IT pros can build their cybersecurity strategy, why it’s important to align security and business objectives and how to get executive buy-in for cybersecurity projects.

The discussion was quite eye-opening (and entertaining!), to say the least, and has revealed some useful security insights from an executive perspective.


1.      What were the “security game changers” in 2018 that have impacted cybersecurity strategy?

In the security space, we tend to get lost in the weeds by focusing on the latest big hack, breach, malware, DDoS, etc. In 2018, there were a couple of “game changers” that our executive team talked about that made them reassess their security strategy and priorities.


2.      What are the main challenges that IT professionals are struggling with?

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3.      What are some of the common mistakes that IT professionals are making?

When it comes to implementing effective cybersecurity strategies, here are some of the common mistakes that we see amongst IT professionals:


4.      How can IT professionals convince their Board of Directors/ management team to invest in cybersecurity?

Often, IT professionals struggle with pitching their cybersecurity strategy to decisionmakers because they don’t speak the same language.

Regardless of your organization’s industry or business context, IT pros should be ready to address these 2 elements to get cybersecurity buy-in:

  1. You must assign a dollar value to your cybersecurity investment. Shift your approach to an actual business impact and don’t forget to monetize your security pitch!
  2. You must be able to demonstrate which security controls will support your business strategy. Your security strategy must be linked to your business objectives and act as a strategic business enabler, not an IT cost center.


Key questions you should ask yourself:

IT professionals need to demonstrate that their cybersecurity strategy aligns with the overall business goals and delivers measurable return on investment (ROI).