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Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California -- June 23, 2021 -- Hitachi Systems Security Inc. today announced a partnership with Vectra AI and Cybereason, the leader in future-ready attack protection,  to create an unparalleled approach to real-time managed detection and response.


The disparity between network level and endpoint visibility and enforcement creates gaps in security that give nation-state and cybercriminal organizations a distinct advantage breaching business networks. Sifting through network and endpoint alerts is time-consuming and prone to human error, often resulting in a significantly delayed response to severe threats or missed compromise indicators. Alerts that are uncategorized may be just as dangerous (if not more) than an undetected attack.


This partnership extends visibility and detection, and response services across network and endpoint attack vectors, providing unparalleled protection.


The sophistication of today's cyber-attackers requires an extended level of visibility and threat correlation across the business's physical locations and all work-from-home employees. The level of visibility needed to uncover threats and increased levels of data analysis required to uncover threats can overwhelm Security Operations Centers (SOC), making it hard to know what to pay attention to. A flood of unauthorized alerts can cause 'alert fatigue,' leaving many more serious alerts unnoticed.


Vectra AI's and Cybereason's technology share an operational efficiency that allows each SOC analyst to be more thorough and effective in less time.


"The combined visibility from Vectra, Cybereason, and Hitachi's ArkAngel creates a powerful integrated approach that will enable Hitachi to deliver best in class threat detection results to their managed security customers. We are very pleased to be a part of this successful GTM solution and partnering with Hitachi on a global basis. "said Randy Schirman, WW VP of Service Delivery Partners, Cloud, and Alliances at Vectra AI.


The Cybereason Defense Platform generates malicious operations (Malop™) - a detailed, visual timeline of the behaviours, actions, and evidence involved in threats,  giving security analysts the ability to quickly understand the root cause and scope of an attack without the need complex queries and tedious alert triaging.


"Bringing Cybereason and Vectra capabilities together with expert management and response by Hitachi presents a distinct advantage for customers looking to reduce risk in the convergence of network and endpoint threats," said Stephan Tallent, VP of MSSP at Cybereason.


Hitachi Systems Security will integrate with Vectra AI and Cybereason to provide its clients with next-gen antivirus, threat detection, and incident response solutions. By executing network security alerts from every angle (EDR, NDR, and SIEM 24/7), network security can change and adapt as quickly as the cyber threats plagued them.


"This new partnership with Hitachi Systems Security, Vectra AI, and Cybereason will provide the best possible solution to our customers, expanding the level of network/infrastructure visibility for more effective security network monitoring, and earlier detection and eradication of cyber-attacks. We are extremely excited to work with two innovative solutions providers, that are amongst the best in their respective domains," says Anthony Subero, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Hitachi Systems Security.