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Cyber Risk management

Cyber Security for Europe

Keeping up with hacking trends requires continuous and regular network monitoring. But monitoring your network while keeping costs down can be challenging, which is why Hitachi Systems Security has developed a Managed and Professional Security Services packages that includes 24/7 near real-time monitoring by senior information security analysts or professional experts in cyber risks without the added costs of hiring a team.

Cut Costs, Not Security

Managed Security Services

Investments in securing network environments are expensive. Hitachi offers a cost-cutting model while still providing continuous and systematic near real-time service supported by experienced senior information security analysts. Our team of experts will protect against cyber threats efficiently while being cost-effective. As client, you’re informed of current alerts and benefit of an interactive console of our solution ArkAngel6 displaying the alerts, ongoing mitigations handled by our analysts, and an oversight with a risk dashboard.

In extension to our Managed Security Services, Hitachi offers additional measures to prevent attacks such as a continuous vulnerability scanning, Cloud Security Monitoring (AWS / AZURE / GCP / M365), protection DDoS, monitoring file integrity management, DarkWeb monitoring and a module of ArkAngel6 for risk governance according the C-I-A model.

24/7 Near real-time Monitoring

2 hour Incindent Escalation Guarantee

Dedicated Information Security Specialist

Cloud Security Monitoring

Security Architecture Maturity Asssessment


Monthly Security Reporting

Real-time Analysis & Event Coordination

Threat monitoring Using your Existing Technologies

Governance Module

Emergency Hotline (Coming Soon)


24/7 Access to Arkangel6 Console

Cybersecurity Analytics

Vulnerability Scan Tool in self-service mode

Vulnerability Management Services

Network and Endpoint Detection & Response


Threat Intelligence

Darknet Monitoring

Malware Analysis and Compromise Assessment

Digital Forensics & Incidense Response

Threat Hunting

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Professional Security Services

Unfortunately, constant monitoring of your network isn’t enough in the cyber risk arena: it’s also vital that you’re aware of potential vulnerabilities - and that you know how to prevent hackers from exploiting those gaps in security.

With a range of technical security tests, such as Hacker’s View, Catch-The-Flag, Pentesting, Hitachi helps to prevent, test and close the vulnerabilities to avoid breaches to be exploited by Hackers. And to be comprehensive, Hitachi support your support CISO or DPO to meet the standards and best practices to prepare the resilience of your information security systems.

Assess your Security Posture

Cybersecurity Posture Assessments

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Risk & Control Assessments
  • Security Compliance (PCI-DSS)
  • Ransomware Services & Digital Forensics


Align Security Strategy with Business Goals

CISO as a Service (CISOaaS)

  • Information Security Leadership & Guidance
  • Steering COmpliance Management
  • Security Policy, PRocess & Proceedure Development
  • Security Training & Awareness
  • Managing the INformation Security Budget
  • Establishing a DR/BCP
  • Risk Managemnt


Privacy by Design

Privacy Advisory services

  • DPO as a service
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Privacy Readiness Assessment
  • Privacy Compliance program
  • Privacy Training
  • EU Representative


Identify Gaps & Strengthen your Defenses

End to End Cloud Services

  • Design Review
  • Controls Review
  • Audits
  • Monitoring
  • M365 INtegration Support

We are here to help

Let Us Show You Your Weak Spots

Our team will provide you with detailed information about your current security risks and provide you with actionable information on how to mitigate and remediate vulnerabilities. Testing is the only way to ensure that your network is 100% secure.