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Advisory Consulting

Whatever the issue, whether it be with compliance, privacy or cybersecurity, our certified and qualified consultants care about your business goals. For cybersecurity to be truly effective, it cannot be separated from your overall business objectives. We are passionate about developing a security strategy that will protect your business and help you achieve your goals at the same time.

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Hitachi systems security advisory consulting
Hitachi Systems Security

Advisory solutions

At Hitachi Systems Security, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of advisory solutions designed to help your organization face the unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives.

Security Architecture Maturity Assessment

A cyber-security Architecture Maturity Assessment can help your organizations evaluate how effective your shied is against cyber-attacks. This is especially the case if your organization is growing or consolidating a new acquisition.

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Cyber Security Posture Assessment

Hitachi Systems Security can help determine your security posture improvement strategy as well as develop a concrete action plans to meet your goals. We understand the importance of spending your cybersecurity dollars on the right projects and are committed to maximizing your ROI in line with your business objectives.
Our experts assess both the risks and the critical assets that you already identified, considering threats that apply to your assets and the existing security measures and controls. On one hand, this analysis will help assess the existing controls identify potential vulnerabilities and, on the other hand, optimize appropriate controls to counter the risks and reduce them to an acceptable level.

Enterprise Security Development and Risk Management

At Hitachi Systems Security, we can help your organization assess risk and build comprehensive security programs that suits your needs. We have seen it all in a span of over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. We can share the latest insights on threat actor tactics to identify, manage, and mitigate risks and helps you achieve an improved overall security maturity.

Policy Development

Developing and maintaining Information Security Policies, is integral part of an effective Compliance and Security Program. Security and compliance policies set the standard for the implementation of all controls associated with your organization managing its risk. At Hitachi Systems Security, we help your organization take control and better manage its policies, standards and guidelines.

Hitachi systems security advisory consulting
Hitachi systems security advisory consulting

Security Controls Assessment (ISO, NIST, CObIT, SANS)

The right technical and administrative IT security controls prevent data breaches and protect your critical assets so you can continue to serve your customers and avoid spending time and money to react to a data loss or availability issue.
In today’s environment, all organizations are certain to be the subject of attacks. Preventative, detective and proactive controls are imperative to organizations eliminating or minimizing data losses or system downtime.

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Compliance Management

Achieve Compliance with Hitachi Systems Security’s Consulting Services Meet your compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO2700x, NIST CSF, SOX
Identify security gaps and missing controls. Get strategic recommendations from our certified security and legal consultants to improve your security posture and better protect your critical data assets against vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)

Hitachi Systems Security’s provides security services on a subscription basis. This solution includes our CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as a Service where we provide organizations with an experienced, qualified senior security professional and support team on demand or on a regularly scheduled basis without the expense or overhead of hiring full time.

Cyber Continuity for Business

Strengthen your capability to quick recovery and response during crises such as cyberattack or unforeseen events such as a pandemic. We can assist organizations in developing and implementing:
1. Disaster Recovery Plans
2. Business Continuity Plans
3. Data Protection
4.Cyber recovery

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