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Hitachi Systems Security Enterprise Security Program Development

What Is Enterprise Security Program Development?

An enterprise security program is a robust strategy for an organization's security policies, procedures, standards, and controls. An effective cybersecurity program is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It must be customized to meet the needs and requirements of the organization and its unique operating model. An Enterprise Security Program should be built to be scale and adapt to the intricacies and nuances of an organization to minimize security risk and protect its sensitive customer and corporate data.

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Hitachi Systems security three pillars of good cyber hygiene
What Is Enterprise Security Program Development?

Cybersecurity program development provides solutions for a range of cyber threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Phishing, ransomware, malware, DDoS attacks, and other cybercrimes are becoming more common and can cause significant damage to an organization. At Hitachi Systems Security, we utilize a team of professionals and experts whose experience ensures optimal results for your enterprise. We design the program that best fits the needs of your unique organization. We consider your risk management goals, budget, industry requirements, and best practices to create effective policies, procedures, tools, and documentation for your security program.

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Risk assessment, security testing, and overall analysis of the requirements for your industry and organization

Develop a cybersecurity framework and roadmap to implement or improve security controls, and set up multi-layered solutions for detection and protection

Development of documentation for policies, procedures, and training for employees

The Benefits of Hitachi Enterprise Security Program Development

Hitachi Systems Security develops robust cybersecurity programs to fit the needs of your enterprise in a changing cyber environment. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of your organization. Our cybersecurity team will provide expert guidance to determine the best strategies for your IT security needs.

Our enterprise security program development delivers:

Effective policies and procedures unique to your enterprise

Customized security controls to meet the cybersecurity framework requirements and best practices

Documentation for your employees at all levels of the enterprise

Optional security systems services, such as system hardening, risk assessment, incident response plans, and security training

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Learning More About Hitachi Enterprise Security Program Development

If your enterprise needs a robust strategy for data protection, risk assessment, and incident response, the security program development service is right for you. We develop customized strategies, meet the needs of your enterprise, and ensure you have cost-effective, tailored security coverage for your organization.

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