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Incident Response & Crisis Management

Have you been breached & require immediate assistance?

Hitachi Systems Security’s incident response teams are available with minimal notice, helping you respond to a breach by supporting your organization with our expertise. We work with your existing breach response plans or utilize our dynamic breach response methodology to identify, contain, remove and recover during a security incident.

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Hitachi systems security incident response and crisis management

Cyber Breach Incidents

Our team members have experience in cyber breach incidents that include financially or politically motivated attacks, device theft origination, data extortion, rogue employees, and mail misdirection with the intent to deceive.

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Incident Response Retainer

Hitachi Systems Security’s Incident Response Team helps organizations establish terms and conditions for incident response services before a cybersecurity incident occurs. Having a retainer in place provides a mechanism to quickly engage with our incident response team to ensure a timely response to a suspected cybersecurity incident.

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Incident Response Planning & Handling

Our incident response teams are available and ready to support your organization during a breach at a moment’s notice. They are comprised of specialized and dedicated security experts.

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Digital Forensics

Hitachi Systems Security’s Digital Forensic practice provides a wide-ranging of services related to the collection, forensic analysis, and the reporting of digital evidence in legal, criminal, and regulatory investigations.

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Ransomware Negotiations

Our goal at Hitachi Systems Security is to help your organization recover from a ransomware attack and return to day-to-day activities as quickly as possible and in a cost-effective manner. We will help you manage the entire ransomware attack, using our knowledge, expertise, influence and expert negotiation.

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Hitachi Systems Security has developed a bundle of services for organizations seeking to improve their security and privacy postures as their workforce adopts the work from home approach.
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