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Critical Microsoft vulnerability exploited in the wild

CVE-2023-23397 is a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook that allows threat actors to remotely steal hash passwords by receiving an email. According to Microsoft, “a Russia-based threat actor” exploited the vulnerability in targeted attacks against several European organizations in government, transportation, energy, and military sectors. Around 15 organizations are believed to have been attacked with […]
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LastPass: a story in multiple part

Aug 25th LastPass disclaimed that they had observed an intrusion in their cloud environment, but it didn't touch the main core of the passwords vaults.  They hired third parties to be able to do some forensic.  In September, the first conclusion gave view on the targeted infrastructure and the Development environment.  End of November, LastPass […]
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Exfiltrator-22: The new tool for Ransomware

Exfiltrator-22 (or EX-22) is a new tool sold and use in the wild whose goal is to deploy ransomware while being able to avoid detection from within organizations’ networks. The tool makes post-exploitations really easy for the buyers. The tool has a wide range of capabilities which includes a reverse shell with elevation of privileges, […]
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New threat actor Hydrochasma targets Medical and Shipping Organizations in Asia

Hydrochasma, is a threat actor named by Symantec after leading a campaign targeting shipping companies and medical laboratories in Asia since at least October 2022. The goal of this campaign seems to be intelligence gathering, while phishing email campaigns is the modus operandi. Tools deployed by Hydrochasma seek remote access, escalation of privileges and spread laterally […]
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