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Weekly News February 24, 2023

New threat actor Hydrochasma targets Medical and Shipping Organizations in Asia Hydrochasma, is a threat actor named by Symantec after leading a campaign targeting shipping companies and medical laboratories in Asia since at least October 2022. The goal of this campaign seems to be intelligence gathering, while phishing email campaigns is the modus operandi. Tools deployed […]
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Weekly News February 17, 2023

The US and the UK unite to crack down on Ransomware gang As an effort to kill the ransomware industry, UK and US governments have unmasked some of the threat actors behind Conti and Trickbot which are linked to the group Wizard Spider. Both governments have not called out the link between these groups and […]
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Weekly News February 10, 2023

GoAnywhere MFT Emergency patch This week Forta has released an emergency patch against an exploited 0day vulnerability in the Goanywhere MFT secure file transfer tool. The vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild and therefore, all users should update to the new version to limit the risk of malicious activities. The 0day allows threat […]
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Weekly News February 3, 2023

After the recent decision of Western countries to send armored vehicles to Ukraine, the pro-Russian hacktivist group Killnet has launched a new series of Ddos (distributed denial of service) attacks against infrastructure and organizations (healthcare, airports, banks...) of countries that support Ukraine, such as the USA or Germany. The threat of disruption amplified by the […]
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