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Vulkan leak reveals Kremlin's intrusive cyber strategy

While the “volcano’s” leak reveals more about interaction between the security  apparatus and private proxy, the Russian information warfare campaign against Ukraine's supporting countries continues with fake profiles. In parallel the Biden administration is cleaning up the use of commercial spyware. Europol warns against the use of GPT Chat for criminal purposes, as cyber criminals […]
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Europol warns of fraudulent use of Chat GPT by cybercriminals

On Monday, March 27, Europol's Innovation Lab warned that cybercriminals are working to exploit the ever-evolving capabilities of the GPT Chat chatbot to enhance their fraudulent operations, such as phishing campaigns. The European agency also mentions disinformation capacities, facilitating and enhancing the narrative to impersonate authority figures and institutions close to reality. More worryingly, the […]
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Anonymous Sudan, not so anonymous

As its name does not indicate, Anonymous Sudan has nothing to do with either Anonymous or Sudan. Despite the use of Arabic and religious references for political purposes, this is all part of a Russian disinformation strategy. On February, the group claimed to have launched a distributed denial of service (DdoS) attack on multiple US […]
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NBA Fan Data hacked via Third-Party Vendor

The National Basketball Association (NBA) admitted over the weekend that "an unauthorized third party" hacked a database filled with fans' names and email addresses, but the systems remain uncompromised. NBA programming and games are broadcast worldwide, in 215 countries and over 50 languages. Unfortunately, with the basketball playoffs, upcoming social engineering, and related email phishing, […]
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