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Defend Against Canada's Surge in DDoS Attacks

The estimated reading time is approximately 2 minutes.     Just months after the initial wave of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks that began in early 2023, Canada has again found itself amidst digital aggression. The recent wave commenced on September 13th, leaving several crucial government and regulatory websites crippled over two days. The […]
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Stay Informed: Cyber Risk at Hawaii & Chile Telescopes

Estimated reading time is approximately 4-5 minutes.     In an era dominated by news cosmic discoveries and lunar exploration, a different kind of headline has recently captured our attention. This coordinated cyberattack briefly halted ground-based observation. This unexpected incident unfolded in two captivating locations: the telescopes in Hawaii and Chile. Let’s dive into the […]
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Barracuda Email Gateway Vulnerability Persists Despite Patches - FBI Issues Urgent Recommendations

Estimated reading time is approximately 3-4 minutes.     In a concerning development, organizations relying on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway have been advised to remain vigilant even after the vendor's patch deployment. The FBI has sounded the alarm, indicating that the patch issued by the vendor might not be as effective as anticipated. The […]
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Stay Ahead of 2023's Emerging Infostealers

Estimated reading time is approximately 6-8 minutes.     A perpetual battle between cybercriminals and security experts rages on in cyber warfare. This relentless struggle has seen hackers evolving their tactics to outsmart countermeasures. As these malevolent forces adapt, so do the safeguards in a constant game of cat and mouse. Amid this dynamic landscape, […]
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Unveiling ALPHV/BlackCat 2.0 Ransomware "Sphynx": A Comprehensive Threat Landscape Analysis

Estimate reading time: 5 to 6 minutes.   The world of ransomware is constantly in flux as cybercriminals adapt their techniques to overcome defenses and achieve maximum impact. The notorious ransomware collective ALPHV/BlackCat, formerly recognized as NOBERUS, has recently introduced an upgraded version of their Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), "Sphynx". On February 21st, 2023, […]
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