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Written by Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit on 22 August 2023

Stay Ahead of 2023's Emerging Infostealers

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A perpetual battle between cybercriminals and security experts rages on in cyber warfare. This relentless struggle has seen hackers evolving their tactics to outsmart countermeasures. As these malevolent forces adapt, so do the safeguards in a constant game of cat and mouse. Amid this dynamic landscape, many threat actors relentlessly pursue financial gains, swiftly employing criminal activities to amass ill-gotten profits. Recent shifts in their behavior, particularly their migration from Darkweb forums to Telegram channels, have sparked intrigue. Yet, our exploration focuses on another metamorphosis— the emergence of info stealers, a sinister development that demands closer examination.


The Shifting Terrain of Cyber Threats

Within cybercrime, info stealers have emerged as a notable menace. Whether it's established names like RedLine, Racoon or the newer contenders like Titan and Aurora, the rise of stealer logs is undeniable. These stealthy malware variants swiftly become the favored avenue for threat actors to generate rapid profits. Before delving into their potent impact on organizations, let's understand the anatomy of a stealer log and how it has transformed into a prevailing menace.


Decoding the Infostealer Phenomenon

Also known as stealer logs, info stealers are malware designed to pilfer data from victims' devices, focusing on browser-stored credentials. In essence, they clandestinely copy any credentials entered into the victim's computer, encompassing sensitive information such as online banking, social media logins, etc. These pilfered accounts are then bundled and peddled on illicit marketplaces. Unscrupulous buyers exploit these credentials for various nefarious online activities, including fraud, extortion, and data breaches. This criminal cycle is reinforced by fabricated testimonials, lending a false veneer of legitimacy to these stolen credentials.


The Menacing Reality and the Cycle of Threat

Infostealers are frequently marketed as subscription services, available monthly or lifetime, catering to a broad spectrum of threat actors. Prices vary, but typically, a monthly subscription hovers around $100-$150, while a lifetime commitment demands $700-$1000. Subscribing to these services doesn't require advanced technical acumen, making them accessible even to less experienced attackers. However, these cyber threats are not invincible. While Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems are adept at identifying and thwarting their presence on corporate networks, the perpetrators are finding innovative ways to evade detection. Even on personal devices or using compromised corporate accounts, attackers exploit reused or shared passwords to mount brute-force attacks.



Prevention Checklist: Steps to Foil Infection

This checklist acts as a preventive measure, guiding individuals and organizations toward fortifying their digital defenses:

  1. Implement EDR systems on both personal and corporate devices.
  2. Deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA) across platforms, avoiding SMS-based methods susceptible to SIM swapping attacks.
  3. Steer clear of downloading cracked software versions.
  4. Refrain from utilizing browser password storage (autofill) functionality.
  5. Exercise discretion in accepting cookies from websites.
  6. Avoid reusing passwords, especially across personal and corporate accounts.
  7. Keep personal devices distinct from corporate work.
  8. Exercise caution when opening emails from unfamiliar sources.
  9. Take heed of warnings against downloading suspicious content.


Conclusion: The Role of Preventive Strategies

As the digital landscape continues its metamorphosis, the specter of Stealerlogs endures. This concluding section underscores the imperative of comprehensive prevention strategies, urging individuals and organizations to remain attuned and adaptable to effectively counter the growing menace of Infostealers in the landscape of 2023 and beyond.

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