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Written by Vicky Desjardins on 8 November 2023

Elevating Cybersecurity Through Employee Satisfaction

With Cybersecurity Month just behind us, we’ve seen experts and organizations unveil new strategies and products to safeguard your digital world. While the focus often remains on cutting-edge technologies, there’s a hidden gem that can significantly impact your organization’s security—your employees. Yes, those very individuals often labelled as the weakest link can be your strongest defenders. In this blog post, we’ll explore how fostering happy, fulfilled, and well-treated employees can be the game-changing cybersecurity solution your organization needs.

Insider Threats: A Growing Concern

Insider threats are an escalating worry for organizations. Employees or former employees selling their credentials or accepting to participate in phishing attacks pose a genuine threat. Ransomware groups and other malicious actors on the dark web and Telegram channels offer alluring deals for such actions, making it imperative to address this issue. Valid accounts are coveted for various purposes, making them valuable assets in the cybercrime world. When brute force doesn’t work, attackers are willing to pay a price to acquire these accounts.

Ransomware Groups Monetize Corporate Access and Advertise on Telegram
Ransomware groups are willing to pay for corporate access and advertise as such on Telegram.

Causes Behind Employee Misconduct and Errors

Financial gains aren’t the sole motivation behind employees selling access or engaging in malicious actions. Often, anger, resentment, and the desire for vengeance play a significant role. Employees who feel undervalued or disrespected might justify their actions as low-risk, high-benefit endeavours. Overworked and exhausted employees are also more prone to making errors when inundated with never-ending email lists. The purpose here isn’t to blame employees for errors, often stemming from human nature, but to emphasize the correlation between employee treatment and cybersecurity.

Viewing Cybersecurity as a Human Issue

Cybersecurity isn’t just about technology; it’s a human issue. Computers are tools, but humans are the driving force behind cybercrimes. Basic cybersecurity involves protecting valid accounts, and this responsibility rests on everyone’s shoulders. Including cybersecurity as part of your human resources strategy is an added safeguard for your organization.

The Power of Happy Employees

Rather than dwelling on insider threats, let’s shift our focus to employees who actively protect their organizations. The key lies in creating an environment where employees genuinely care about the company’s well-being. Happy, fulfilled, and respected employees are more inclined to safeguard their workplace. As we heard in “Deviant,” episode 134 of Darknet Diaries, a vigilant employee thwarts a potential cyberattack on their day off simply because they care enough to investigate something amiss. Happy employees are more likely to question anomalies, potentially saving the organization from harm.

Treating Employees Right: A Smart Investment

Employees across all levels seek fairness, respect, and pride in their work. We protect what we love and respect. Happy and fulfilled employees can be your organization’s most potent cybersecurity asset. Neglecting their well-being can come at a steep cost.

As you dive deeper into the realm of cybersecurity, remember that your employees are not merely cogs in the machine, but the human heart of your organization’s defence. Fostering an environment of happiness, fulfillment, respect, and fair treatment can be the cybersecurity solution you’ve been searching for. The cost of ignoring employee well-being could be far greater than you realize. So, let’s focus on new solutions and products but also on nurturing your most valuable defenders—your employees.

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