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Written by Hitachi Systems Security on 29 November 2023

Fortify Your Cyber Resilience: The Impact of Purple Team Tabletop Exercises

In an era where cyberattacks have become an unavoidable reality, organizations are grappling with the constant threat of security breaches. Hitachi Systems Security is at the forefront of combating this challenge with an innovative approach - the Purple Team Tabletop Exercise. This cybersecurity training and testing method redefines how organizations respond to cyber threats and attacks, ensuring a rapid and effective defence strategy.

The Evolution of Cyber Threats

Gone are the days of questioning if an organization will fall victim to a cyberattack; the new reality is when it will happen. With a myriad of attack types and an array of tactics, techniques, and procedures, traditional defences are often scattered and their effectiveness limited. Hitachi Systems Security recognizes the need for a proactive and comprehensive response to these evolving threats.

Introducing Purple Team Tabletop Exercises

The Purple Team Tabletop Exercise is a groundbreaking methodology that seamlessly integrates red team (attacker) and blue team (defender) activities. This fusion involves key members from IT teams, security teams, and business personnel, ensuring a holistic approach to simulating and improving responses to cyber threats and attacks.

Tailored to the client's geographical region and industry, each exercise mirrors real-world threats faced by the organization. The process involves analyzing current cyberattack trends, leveraging real-time threat intelligence, and pinpointing the most likely threat scenarios. Hitachi Systems Security's Threat Intelligence Team utilizes open-source intelligence and a well-established framework to gather real-time, real-world threat intelligence, guiding the creation of high-impact, realistic tabletop exercises.

Key Objectives and Benefits

1. Incoming Threats Preparedness

Customized simulations replicate threat actor groups' tactics, enhancing preparedness by informing and training key stakeholders for rapid and effective responses to threats.

2. Response Planning

Training key stakeholders enhances threat detection and response, following a deliberate and structured approach.

3. Recovery Training

Stakeholders are trained to recover effectively, even when critical technology components are impacted.

Why Choose Purple Team Tabletop Exercises?

1. Improved Incident Response

Enhance incident response capabilities by fine-tuning response plans, staff training, and optimizing monitoring and logging configurations for quicker detection and more efficient security incident mitigation.

2. Peace of Mind

Proactively identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and gaps in cybersecurity defenses, instilling confidence in key stakeholders. This preparedness reduces the potential for major security incidents and their associated risks and costs.

3. Cost Savings

Timely detection and mitigation of security issues safeguard organizations from potential financial losses. A well-structured and rigorously tested response expedites recovery, minimizing disruptions to normal operations.

Take the Next Steps In Securing Your Assets

Hitachi Systems Security stands ready to conduct a Purple Team Tabletop Exercise for your organization. Receive a comprehensive analysis of emerging cyber threats and equip your organization to counter them effectively. Contact our dedicated team of experts to schedule your Purple Team Tabletop Exercise today! Prepare, respond, and thrive in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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