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Written by Cyber Threat Intelligence Unit on 5 July 2023

France Under Cyberhacktivists’ Attacks

Following the riots due to the death of a teenager killed by French police, hacktivist groups went rogue on France, publishing a document containing the personal data of magistrates and lawyers. French department of Justice has filed a complaint with the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office following the publication of this document.

On July 3, 2023, a hacktivist group called  KromSec published on a Telegram channel a list 1,120 magistrates and lawyers, claiming responsibility for the data leak: "What happens next in France will determine whether or not we publish the data," it read the day before. The document is now online and contains contact details for legal staff.” The leak includes names associated with professional e-mails, numbers, addresses and IBANs.

According to Zataz, KromSec is a hacktivist collective launched in 2022 saying it’s close to Anonymous,but monetize their activities.  Composed of six teenagers [Spid3r - X3nocrates - Loki - Zeitbor - Novidades - Cr4x0n]present on illegally copied databases forums: Raid Forum, Breached, and Hydra. The hacktivist collective used Drupal, the open-source Content management system Software.

(CMS). The group also performed DdoS attacks like the official website of the head of the Chechen Republic [], or leaked data on foreign entities like Talibans, Ivory Coast, Algeria, or Morocco.


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