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Written by Hitachi Systems Security on 20 March 2023

Hitachi Systems Security Inc. partners with Concordia and Hydro Quebec

Hitachi Systems Security Inc. partners with Concordia and Hydro Quebec on Federal-Funded Smart Grid Cybersecurity Resilience Project

Blainville, Quebec --- March 20th, 2023 --- Hitachi Systems Security Inc. is proud to announce its collaboration with Concordia University and Hydro Quebec on a federally funded 5-year project aimed at enhancing cybersecurity resilience for smart grids.

The project's objective is to address emerging cybersecurity challenges faced by smart grid systems and enhance the resilience of substations, microgrids, and Wide Area Measurement, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC) systems. The learnings from the project will also support Hitachi Systems Security Inc.'s operational technology (OT) knowledge/maturity and allow greater value/credibility in their OT Security Offerings.

“I recognize the rise in cybersecurity risks and threats faced by Concordia and Hydro-Quebec and want to help. Hitachi Systems Security Inc. is excited to be a part of this project and is committed to contributing its expertise and experience to enhance the cybersecurity resilience of smart grids,” said Anthony Subero, CEO of Hitachi Systems Security.

The realization of these opportunities, which will bring to light Hitachi Systems Security’s core values, is centered around:

  • Effective and collaborative leadership;
  • Staff and customer advocacy investment and commitment;
  • Risk intelligence;
  • And project, and operations execution effectiveness/agility. 

The strategic partnership with Hydro-Québec and Concordia University aims to enhance the cybersecurity and resilience of smart grids and train highly qualified personnel needed in the strategic energy sector. The project will also foster a synergistic interaction among power system operators (PSOs) and energy domain equipment vendors, allowing for security-promoting ecosystems to flourish.

The project is of crucial importance to Canadian critical infrastructure, and Canadian PSOs stand to directly benefit from the new knowledge and elaborated capabilities to make power grids more immune and resilient to cyberattacks, hire highly qualified personnel to bolster their security operations, and partake in security-promoting ecosystems.

The technologies that will be developed can be deployed by Canadian PSOs, such as Hydro-Québec, to enhance and harden the security of their cyber-physical networks, based on proactive awareness. Hitachi Systems Security Inc. stands to benefit from the R&D that will be carried out on advanced IoT monitoring and fingerprinting tools as well as IoT supply chain attack mitigation techniques. Concordia University will also benefit from extended industry partnerships and improved research capabilities.

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Hitachi Systems Security is based in Blainville, Canada and specializes in cybersecurity and data privacy services. The organization became part of Hitachi Systems group company in 2015. With Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in Canada, India (Pune), Japan and Switzerland, the organization provides managed security services to monitoring security risks to customer systems as well as security consulting services including risk management, vulnerability management, data privacy and regulation services, serving clients primarily in the Caribbean, Europe, Japan, LATAM and North America. 

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